Confirmed & leaked kits 2022/23 – Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and more

The 2021/22 season may not have reached its conclusion just yet, but that’s not stopping the football community from imagining what the world’s best teams will be looking like next year.

Kit launches are now a major part of summer schedules for all clubs, giving fans the opportunity to see the colours their favourite stars will be donning in the new season.

Information is being drip-fed as the year rolls by, but here’s what we know about the upcoming 2022/23 kits so far…


Arsenal have long had an eye for fashion, producing some iconic and slick kits over the years.

The tastemakers look like they’re up to their same tricks ahead of next season, producing a home shirt that harks back to their output in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The Gunners’ away kit appears to be a jet black number that beautifully shows off a golden single cannon crest, while their third kit adheres to the club’s recent love of pink.


It’s tough to know what Chelsea are going to look like in any department next season, given the amount of turmoil the club has found itself in recently.

However, Nike continue to produce the Blues’ kits and their latest offering for the home design got a bit of a mixed reaction.

The away strip has been touted as a white and light blue number, while a third kit has also done the rounds online. It’s something of a mix between gold and brown with black and orange trim on the sleeves.

Sponsors Three have asked to be removed from Chelsea’s kits due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how that situation implicates Roman Abramovich, but so far that has yet to happen.


Liverpool’s home kit for next season features YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone) detailing on the sleeve, as well as the 97 emblem encased by the Eternal Flames – in honour of those who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy.

It’s quite an understated design with little graphics of trim, but simplicity often works best with Liverpool’s kits.

The away kit could be a green number with a rather abstract design, but little is known about their third kit.

Manchester City

Manchester City's reported new home shirt

Manchester City’s reported new home shirt /

Manchester City's potential away kit

City’s potential away kit /

Manchester City have landed one of the world’s most in-demand players in Erling Haaland, and they could be about to kit him out in a traditional sky blue shirt with maroon and white trim on the collar and shirt sleeves.

City’s away kit looks like it could be a bit snazzier, with a fiery red and black design reminiscent of the colour combination they wore back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Manchester United

Manchester United's potential third kit

United’s potential third kit /

United are another side who look set to go retro with their kit next season. The last time they donned a polo collar was back in 2013/14, when David Moyes was in charge.

Their third kit is attracting some attention too. The as of yet unconfirmed design has a ‘Semi Solar Slime’ colour to it – doesn’t sound great, but we won’t judge too soon.


Tottenham's leaked away kit

Tottenham’s leaked away kit /

Tottenham have kept it simple with their home kits in recent years and next season’s looks set to follow that trend, though with some garish green included along the collar.

The away and third shirts are expected to be different shades of blue.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico might be faltering in La Liga somewhat this season, given they are defending champs, but at least their garm game is strong.

Check that kit out – waves all over the place. It might be a little too jazzy, but at least it’s a fresh take on a classic.


Barcelona’s new kit for next season is expected to take them back to their more classic striped formula, as opposed to the more abstract design they’ve sported this year.

The iconic red and blue stripes will return but be accompanied by extra stripes in a darker navy blue shade. Also, audio streaming giants Spotify will be placed on the front as sponsors.

As for the away and third kits, one will sport a gold colour and the other will display a blue and red cross on the front.

Real Madrid

Real are adding some purple accents to their upcoming home effort, harking back to the 1997/98 and 2007/08 kits.

There’s also a buttoned collar. Very tidy.

AC Milan

It looks like Milan are keeping things relatively simple for their home kit, sticking with the traditional red and black stripes that have served them so well over the years.

Elsewhere, the away kit will be white – a throwback to one of their most iconic kits – while the third shirt is more of a camouflage number.


Inter are thought to have agreed a new deal with Digitalbits to become their new sponsor, so their current fan token messaging will be ditched for the 2022/23 campaign. So just imagine the above picture but without that sponsor.

The away kit is expected to be a combination of white and light aqua, with the third being a pretty out-there yellow effort.


Juventus kept things close to their chest until the beginning of May, when they then dropped their brand new…you guessed it…black and white home kit.

The strip retains Juve’s classic black and white stripe pattern but has also integrated “re-coded triangles of the star as a magical symbol” – used to show “the magic of Allianz Stadium”.

The away kit is thought to be a black jersey and the third will include blue, white and pink colours.


Another club who specialise in wonderful kits are Roma – and their 2022/23 doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

With a diamond pattern emblazoned across the torso, Roma’s shirt is manufactured by New Balance – and features the words “Figli di Roma” (‘Sons of Rome’) on the back of the neck in tribute to the bond between the city, the team that bears its name, and all those who wear the jersey.

Bayern Munich

One interesting change for Bayern’s new home kit is an updated logo from their sponsors Deutsche Telekom.

The white stripes of years gone by, combined with white edges on the collar and sleeves, add a modern feel to Die Roten’s classic red shirt.

The away shirt looks like it’ll be comprised of white and gold, with the third jersey a night grey shade.

Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund's potential away kit

Dortmund’s potential away kit /

Have Borussia Dortmund ever designed a bad kit? Hard to remember, isn’t it?

Their confirmed 2022/23 home kit sees a return to more traditional black and yellow stripes, built around the club’s square 1&1 logo.

Not much is known of BVB’s away kit design, though leaks indicate it could be a black and asphalt ensemble.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG’s deal with Accor Live Limitless may end after the 2021/22 season and may not be on the front of their shirts, but aside from that the above is what they’re expected to don at Parc des Princes.

The away kit is expected to be produced by Air Jordan and will be grey with a black centre stripe. The third kit will be comprised of white and old royal colours.

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